The Objectives of SEA

1. To serve as an umbrella body for fossil fuel, electrical, solar and biofuel energy service administrators in Nigeria.

2. To collaborate with corporate service safety managers/ administrators (Operation) in Nigeria including energy services such as: fossil fuel energy service safety manager (DPR), electrical energy service safety manager (NERC) and energy service environment safety manager (LASEPA, NOSDRA, NESREA, FEPA), air transport service safety manager, road transport service safety manager ( FRSC) and marine transport service safety manager (NIMASA) and even, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering material & equipment manufacturing service safety manager (SON) to develop Energy Service Operation Safety Managerial (ESOSM) Guidelines for Professional safety manager of project service operations, facility service operations and contract service operations in production, transmission, distribution and marketing of energy in Nigeria.

3. To serve as a professional body for Service Supervisors (Operation), Service Managers (Operation) and Service Directors (Operation) in energy production, transmission, distribution and marketing industries and regulatory ministries and agencies in Nigeria.

4. To serve as a professional body for retail oil and gas marketing service station supervisors (operation) and service business managers(operation) in Nigeria to enhance security of human life, facility and environment .

5. To serve as a professional body responsible for organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on the practice of Operational Safety Managerial in Production, Transmission, Distribution and Marketing of Energy in Nigeria.

6. To serve as a professional body to unite/bring together all energy administrators such as energy investment contract administrators, energy metering administrators, energy insurance administrators, energy tax administrators, energy audit administrators and energy project/contract finance administrators in Nigeria to deliberate on energy management issues pertinent for national development

7. To collaborate with all relevant regulatory bodies at local, state and federal levels in Nigeria and ensuring energy project, facility and contract services are carried out/administered in line with global acceptable standards including operational safety accountabilities..

8. To facilitate dissemination and exchange of ideas among members and other similar bodies and establishment, especially
• To anticipate and assess the changing needs in operational safety managerial practice in fossil fuel and electrical energy development, transmission, distribution, metering and marketing in Nigeria and advise government on the standard practice that should be applied and collaborate with designated regulatory agencies to sponsor program aimed at meeting those needs.

• To provide independent and professional advice on service operational safety managerial practice in production, transmission, metering, distribution and marketing of fossil fuel, biofuel, electrical and solar energy products in Nigeria.

• To collaborate with foreign organizations for innovations and policy development pertinent for effective management of operational safety in production, transmission, metering, Distribution and marketing of energy in Nigeria

• To be a professional with authority to confer excellence service and leadership awards on individuals and corporate bodies for outstanding performance in administration of energy Services.

• To apply for any legislation, parliamentary or otherwise that would enhance operational safety in energy sector in Nigeria.